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Futura Fit by Ultratone

Futura Fit tones muscle by simulating natural muscle fiber activation.

Touted for it’s unparalleled toning ability, Futura Fit by Ultratone has been Europe’s best kept secret for years. We’re thrilled it’s now FDA-approved for use in the United States. When combined with a healthy lifestyle (ie diet and exercise) our patients see toning, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle re-education.

At Bay Area Body we often combine Futura Fit with one of our fat reducing treatments such as Vanquish or CoolSculpting for results our patients love.  Ask out our exclusive "Vanquitone' treatment!

What is Futura Fit?

Ultratone’s Futura Fit utilizes electrical current to work muscles through a series of contractions, naturally activating the fibers within the muscle much like they are activated during resistance training. One treatment of Futura Fit (50 minutes) is comparable to one week of traditional gym exercise for the set of muscles being treated.

What areas can I treat with Futura Fit?

We can treat almost any area with Futura Fit but the most commonly treated areas include: abdomen, glutes, thighs and arms. We want to avoid the face, neck and anywhere you may have a metal implant.

Is everyone a candidate for Futura Fit?

If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker we cannot treat with Futura Fit. Your Body Sculpting will also inquire about any metal implants ( metal plates, pins, etc.) to be sure those areas are avoided when electrodes are applied.

When will I see results from Futura Fit?

Results vary widely between patients depending on factors such as how much muscle tone you have to start, what other activities you are doing outside of the treatments and overall body structure. Our Body Sculpting specialist can give you a better idea of realistic expectations during your first visit.

How many Futura Fit treatments will I need?

Many of our patients enjoy receiving a weekly 50 minute treatment. We suggest following this schedule for at least 3-6 months to see the full potential of the treatment.  

What happens during a Futura Fit treatment?

  1. As with all of our body services, during a Futura Fit treatment one of our Body Sculpting specialists will lead you to a private treatment room, provide you with a robe if desired, and make you comfortable. They will also review a consent form with all possible side effects pertaining to Futura Fit and answer any questions you may have.

  2. Once you are comfortable in the chair, depending on the desired treatment area, your specialist will recline you to a half seated position and apply the electrodes in the optimal pattern for the set of muscles you are working.

  3. Your specialist will show you how to increase or decrease the intensity of the treatment and leave you to relax. Many patients use the hour to read, work or even nap.

Is Futura Fit painful?

Most of our patients describe the treatment as tingly but not at all painful (and many report liking the sensation!). You will be in charge of the intensity of the treatment so if you do find it becoming uncomfortable you can immediately modify until you’re comfortable.

How do I prepare for a Futura Fit treatment?

No preparation for Futura Fit is needed. Some patients prefer to wear comfortable clothing that makes the treated area easy accessible however, we also provide robes should you need one.

Are there any side effects to Futura Fit?

Following treatment there is no discomfort or downtime although some people will experience very slight dermal irritation from the electrode adhesive.



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