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I'm a new patient. How much do consults cost?

Body Sculpting consults at Bay Area Body are always 100% complimentary and we love to meet new patients. Give us a ring, email or simply Book a Consult via our website!

What happens during a body sculpting consult?

You will meet with one of our body sculpting specialists who will take a look at the areas you are interested in treating. A robe will be provided if needed. Your specialist will take into consideration your body composition, your goals as well as your budget and time constraints to create a custom treatment plan for you. Please plan for half an hour at our office.

Can you host my body sculpting consult over the phone or via email?

We may be able to give you a general idea by looking at photos sent via email or questions asked over the phone, however, seeing you in person will allow us to give you our absolute best expertise.

Can I add-on any other esthetician or dermatology services during my Body Sculpting appointment?

Absolutely. Our estheticians are the best in the Bay and depending how long your appointment is we can add on microdermabrasion, face/ hand peel and several other options allowing you to make the most of your time with us.

How many inches will any specific treatment remove?

We do not measure in inches for any of our body contouring treatments as too many variables impact inch measurement, a few examples being water retention, compression from clothes, slight weight fluctuation from day to day, etc. Because of this we do not make any claims as to how many inches you will lose with any specific treatment. We rely much more on before and after photos as well as the way a patient feels and how their clothes fit.  

If I gain weight after treatment, will CoolSculpting or any other non-invasive fat removal in one area cause fat to show up in another area (ie will the fat move)?

Many times liposuction patients feel as if fat ‘moves’ from one area to another post treatment. The treatments we offer at Bay Area Body treat much less fat at once. This not only has the benefit of providing natural and gradual results but prevents your body from compensating in the same way as losing a large mass of fat all at once. That being said, we always recommend our patients maintain healthy eating and exercise habits to make the most of the results they achieve with us.

How much downtime is involved with Bay Area Body Treatments?

None of our body contouring treatments involve any downtime and our patients find they can immediately resume work, exercise and other daily activities post treatment.

Can men do all of these treatments?

Absolutely! We treat many men and our male patients experience the same fabulous results.

Why doesn’t Bay Area Body offer packages of CoolSculpting? Do you ever offer discounts or sales on CoolSculpting?

We offer the absolute lowest per cycle pricing allowed by CoolSculpting who sets the price by region. Many times patients will call with another office’s package pricing hoping we can match it. However when it comes down to the brass tacks (price per cycle) our per treatment pricing is the same, if not lower than other offices. We do not offer packages simply because we believe in being as transparent about cost as possible. We never want to pressure patients into buying more treatments than they may need. Instead, Bay Area Body patients pay the lowest price possible per CoolSculpting treatment as needed.

How many CoolSculpting cycles will I need?

We design our CoolSculpting treatment plans for maximum results with the minimum number of applications. Sometimes this means we use the early rounds of treatment to debulk an area, and sculpt it in later sessions. Beautiful sculpture takes time!

Each CoolSculpting applicator is limited in the amount of fat it can hold, and each patient’s body metabolizes fat at its own unique rate. This means patients may need multiple visits to achieve their desired result on a given area. During our consultation process, we do our best to estimate how many cycles you will need, but we also can’t predict exactly how your body will respond to the treatment.

Also, there are times the body responds asymmetrically -- some areas of fat are more responsive than others -- and you may need additional cycles to correct this. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how your results will come in, as they are a combination of the treatment and your body’s response.

We prefer to have you come in for multiple visits vs many cycles on one day, as this allows us to make sure that patients are not sold more cycles than they need. However, this approach means we wait to see how your results come in over 60 day increments before we retreat. We truly believe this approach benefits our patients by providing them with beautiful results over time, and not over treating.

I want to eliminate ALL the fat in a certain area. Which treatment is right for me?

None of our treatments will remove 100% of a fat in an area in a single treatment. We are happy to host a consult and refer you to one of our preferred surgeons if liposuction is deemed more appropriate for your goals.

What results can you guarantee?

We do not guarantee results for any of our treatments as many factors determine individual results. By meeting with you and discussing your goals, lifestyle, medical history, etc. our body sculpting specialists can provide you with realistic expectations.

Do you have any product recommendations to enhance body contouring treatments?

Absolutely. We love the Skinceuticals  line of body products including Body Tightening Concentrate which we recommend with all of our body treatments. We also all use Body Retexturizing Treatment for super smooth skin (it’s especially effective on those pesky dry patches often found on arms and legs). To fight crepiness and brighten skin at the same time, nothing beats Neck, Chest and Hand Repair.

Is there nearby parking at your office?

Metered street parking is available nearby.  There is also a parking lot run by AMPCO behind our building, accessible via Geary Blvd., heading westbound. Keep in mind it is a cash only lot.








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